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Experience our growing
Chesapeake Wine Country

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Experience our growing
Chesapeake Wine Country

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The Effect of the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland's Eastern Shore Wine Country

The Upper Chesapeake: Cooling Breezes Abound

The five rivers that form the head of the Chesapeake Bay converge at Turkey Point on Cecil County’s Elk Neck. From west to east, they are the Susquehanna, the North East, the Elk, the Bohemia, and the Sassafras. The surge of fresh water into the upper bay provides beneficial cooling breezes needed for grapevines.

Eastern Shore versus Western Shore: Saltier Water less Rain

The water on the Bay’s eastern shore tends to be saltier than water on the western side. This is due to two factors: Most fresh water enters the Bay from its northern and western tributaries, including the Susquehanna and Potomac rivers. The Coriolis Force, a phenomenon caused by the earth’s rotation, pushes flowing water in the Northern Hemisphere to the right. So saltier water moving up the Bay veers toward the eastern shore. Saline Waters in general compounds evaporation and less intense rainfalls - good for harvest season.

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Wine Trail, B&B's, Local Harvest, Forever Fields and Shores its all here on Maryland's Eastern Shore!

Chesapeake Wine Trail

The Chesapeake Wine Trail is managed by the Maryland Wineries Association which administers the trail map and Maryland licensed wineries on the trail. (see Chesapeake Wine Trail page on Maryland Wineries Association website>) The trail is also a part of the Vintage Atlantic Wine Region.

Eastern Shore of Maryland B&B's

Check out this link for B & B's on the Eastern Shore. Many of our B & B's offer local wines and can advise on wineries, wine tasting rooms and eateries that serve local wines.

Local Harvest Directory

Click here to get a complete directory of local harvest providers on the Upper Shore of Maryland.


shorevines is a government sponsored initiative supported by the Upper Shore Regional Council of Maryland. The Council supports the vitality of Maryland's Upper Shore and works with the counties of Maryland's Eastern Shore and its Tourism offices to promote the Chesapeake Wine Trail and our growing Chesapeake Wine Country with this website.

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