Help Us Grow Chesapeake Wine Country by Answering our Questionnaire

In June 2009, The Upper Shore Regional Council of Maryland implemented a campaign “shorevines” to encourage wine grape growing on the upper eastern shore.

The campaign consisted of an informational website, and advertising such as cable TV and print to bring awareness of the resource to potential growers. In the fall of 2011 the initiative expanded to include articles on the growth of quality shore-produced wines, winery promotion and information for those seeking to start a winery.

Now being shaped is a campaign to tell the story of the impact of our Chesapeake Wine Country. The campaign goals would also be to encourage more of our regional tourism venues (B&B’s, restaurants, businesses) to promote regional shore wines and to let people in our own area know they can enjoy quality wines from the shore where they live and support local.

To help shape our campaign for the coming 12 months we are interested in getting your inputs on a couple of key issues. We have reached out to you because we know you are either a vineyard owner or wine producer, you support local products, you run a tourism business or you love the business and taste of wine!

Please follow the link at left to a questionnaire (or here!) which will give us your input. If you have questions email us at . Thank you for your information!
Yours Truly, the shorevines marketing team