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Chesapeake Wine Trail Pavilion hosts new wineries at the 2016 Chestertown Tea Party Festival

This year the Tea Party continues the success of hosting artisan wine tastings. Six Chesapeake Wine Trail Wineries will be offering new releases and premium tastings at the festival 10 am to 5 pm Saturday May 28th. The wineries running north to south on the Chesapeake Wine Trail include Dove Valley Winery, Crow Vineyard & Winery, Salisa Winery, The Vineyards at Dogwood, Clovelly Vineyards and Triple Creek Winery.

“The Wine Trail Pavilion at Tea Party is a great branding forum for wineries on the trail that are centered near Chestertown…” says Lotte Bowie manager of the shorevines Experience Chesapeake Wine Country initiative. Not only do the wineries collectively express that wine country has arrived here on the shore, the special venue provides them with a conversational platform to talk about their wines to those who want to know about and try the best of local and artisan.” Next year we hope to have even more wineries here at the Chesapeake Wine Trail Pavilion as the wine industry is growing with more players on the eastern shore.” This year the pavilion will include a large tent positioned riverside on the back lawn of the Washington College Custom, offering shade for wine tastings and a place to pit stop from the crowds at Tea Party. As well a large display and map of the Chesapeake Wine Trail sponsored by the Upper Shore Regional Council will be featured in the tent with information on the 16 winery trail a program of Maryland Wine.

Some wines and information to look forward to with your visit to the Chesapeake Wine Trail Pavilion will be:

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2014 MD Governor's Cup Competition Winners Announced Among Over 100 Entrants

Bordeleau Vineyard & Winery wins 2014 Maryland Governor’s Cup Best in Show - marking the first time the Governor’s Cup “Best in Show” has been awarded to a winery from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Bordeleau as well as fellow Eastern Shore Winery Little Ashby also captured Best in Class honors as well as Golds. Newcomer Clovelly Vineyards from the Upper Shore captured two Silvers. Silver and Bronze Medals were awarded to Crow Vineyard and Dove Valley.

Posted August 25, 2014 (Baltimore, MD) by the The Maryland Wineries Association.

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Crow Products at Governor O'Malley's 7th Annual-Buy-Local-Cookout

Kent County’s Crow Farm and Vineyard & Winery will be one of the 16 recipes showcased at Governor O’Malley's 7th Annual-Buy-Local-Cookout on Thursday, July 24th. Sabrina Sexton, of Sabrina in the Kitchen in Kent County, paired with Judy Crow of Crow Farm, was chosen to present Chile-Cumin Skirt Steak with Cornbread Salad. Crow Farm’s Grass Fed Angus Beef will be used in the recipe. Also, Crow Vineyard wines will be poured at the Maryland Winery Association’s table.
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New Maryland Winery Brings Home Statewide Distinctions

Kennedyville, Maryland—September 4, 2013

While the average connoisseur might consider a premium dry wine from Maryland unthinkable, Crow Vineyard makes doubtful heads nod with pleasant surprise. Kent County’s first and only winery, located on a family-owned-and-operated Eastern Shore farm, brought home several prestigious awards from the 23rd Annual Maryland Governor’s Cup. Both the 2012 Vidal Blanc and Barbera Rosé, estate wines fermented with grapes grown and processed on the 365-acre farm, earned gold medals. The 2011 Barbera took a bronze. The dawn-colored Barbera Rosé also pleased enough judges’ palates to achieve Best in Class for the Rosé category.

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